TEN CHILIADES OF LOGARITHMS of Absolute Numbers, from an Unite to Ten thousand.


This Canon hath like use as the Tables of Right Sines and Tangents set forth by others, but the Pratice somewhat more easie. For keeping to their Rules, and working by these Tables, you may use Addition instead of their Multiplication, and Subtraction instead of their Division: And so resolve all Spherical Triangles without the help of Secants or versed Sines.

The like may be done for the Solution of right-lined Triangles, by help of the Logarithms of my old Collegue and worthy Friend Mr. Henry Briggs (10000 whereof follow.) For both proceed from the same ground, and so require the same manner of work, as I often shew in my publick Lectures in Gresham-Collges: Where I rest a Friend to all that are studious of mathematical Practice,

E. G.

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