You know you're from Mannheim, when …

  1. You understand "wääsch wiesch mähn".
  2. You've spent Thursday nights @ Schneckenhof.
  3. You go crazy whenever you hear "Meine Stadt".
  4. You hate Ludrüwwe.
  5. There is nothing special in having met Xavier Naidoo in Person.
  6. You love Engelhorn and always miss it whenever you go shopping in other cities.
  7. You know who "Christine Zehnbauer" is.
  8. You understand what Christine Zehnbauer says.
  9. You don't need to ask pedestrians where "S4 17-22" (or any other square) is.
  10. After a drunk night in a different city all you friends think that "City Döner" is the best restaurant of Mannheim.
  11. You don't smell the chocolate factory anymore or actually even like the smell.
  12. You have friends who live in Neckaraa.
  13. You have spent post graduate time @ Rheinterassen or Adria.
  14. Your driving instructor told you to slow down leading you into the city at Planetarium.
  15. You got problems with your drain and hope that Mompfred with the Bumbewasserzang has time for you.
  16. You know that ships can NOT pass the Suezkanal. Even if it will be reopened one day.
  17. You at least once felt like throwing a stink bomb into the MVV-building.
  18. You think "Fontanella" is the best ice cream in the world.
  19. You tell visitors: Do laaft de Negga in de Roi noi.
  20. You at least once sat beside the Blummepeeda (preferably because you were too drunk to get to Tiffany's).
  21. You feel like you have to explain everyone where the car has been invented.
  22. You loose yourself in all other cities.
  23. You have got pulled over for riding your bicycle in the city center …
  24. You know that "Mannemer Dreck" actually is something to eat.
  25. You always try to convince your fellow students of Mannheim's beauty, but they refuse to acknowledge it.
  26. You ask yourself where people from Heidelberg bought their driving license.
  27. You have a komischa Dialekkt, der wo iwerall uffalle duut.
  28. You understand the German text of Joy Fleming's "Neggabrigge Blues":
  29. It besser währ ruisch zu soi, du awwa trozdem die gosch uffmache dusch.
  30. When you understand "hammas".
  31. You finish your conversations with "Tschö" or "Alla mo".

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